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Identify your Universal Goals & Objectives

All successful business transitions require the owner(s) to identify their “Universal Goals and Objectives” (their UGOs). The UGOs define what transitioning the business on “YOUR” terms means, and help us determine the value building strategies needed to achieve your UGOs.

The Universal Goals & Objectives Include:

Monetizing the amount of money you need

Get the money you NEED from your business to live the lifestyle you choose.

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Transitioning the business when you’re ready and how you choose

Leave when and how you want while getting the money you need.

Transitioning the business to your ideal successor

Preserve your legacy by transitioning to whom you choose.

How Are The UGOs Accomplished?

We help owners accomplish their UGOs by addressing the “3 Legs of the Stool”… otherwise described as:

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Preparing the Business and Building “Transferable Value”

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Addressing the Owner’s “Personal Considerations”

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Achieving the Owner’s “Personal Financial Objectives”

We address the 3 Legs of the Stool early in the Transition Planning Process© to ensure that your UGOs will be accomplished, and that the needs of your business, family members and other stakeholders are incorporated into your business transition plan.

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