Our Team Approach

Who We Are

Our Transition Advisors

Absolute’s Transition Advisors are highly skilled, certified exit planning professionals dedicated to helping business owners leave their business on “THEIR” terms. Each of our Advisors are uniquely trained professionals and counselors, experienced in one or more of the following disciplines:

  • Tax & Business Valuation
  • Nero-Psychology, Conflict Management and Interpersonal Relations
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Human Resource Management and Employee Benefits
  • Management Systems and Business Operations
  • Wealth management and Preservation
  • Risk Management & Insurance
  • Business Law & Estate Planning

All of our Advisors are “deeply passionate” about serving the “baby boom” population of business owners…ensuring that they are rewarded for all their hard work and dedication to our economy. All of our Advisors are trained to adhere to our standards of excellence and follow our operating protocols to ensure that you accomplish your Universal Goals and Objectives.

What We Do

Our Planning Process

We design and implement customized transition plan strategies which increase the value of an owner’s business and enables them to leave WHEN they want, get the money they NEED and transfer the business to WHOM they choose.

Our “data-driven” process enables us to prepare owners and their business for any type of family business transfer, key employee buy-in or external sale. Our process is “scalable” given the owner’s specific goals and objectives, industry type and the nature of the transfer.

Given our collective experience in advanced manufacturing, construction, professional services, and health and human sciences we are uniquely qualified to help owners of closely held businesses throughout North America.


Why We Do It

Our Mission – Helping Owners Leave on THEIR Terms

Our mission is clear- enabling business owners to achieve their business transition and retirement goals. Unfortunately, most owners don’t exit on their terms…most don’t have a transition plan and are totally unprepared for the challenges brought by sophisticated buyers, emotionally charged family members or un-vested employees.

As a result, our promise is simple…to understand our client’s goals and objectives and to design and implement the best transition plan for them, their family and business. We focus is on our client’s success, and as a result, we only work with owners who are also dedicated to their success…meaning they must be committed to investing the necessary time and resources required for their successful business transition.

As an “M & A” attorney, I learned that the sale of a business is often the most challenging and trying event of any business owner’s life, and they are often left dissatisfied with the results.

That’s why I’m passionate about helping business owners achieve their transition goals so they can leave the business when they want, to whom they want, for the amount they want – enabling them to achieve their desired lifestyle.

Instead of focusing on the sale like every other advisor, we focus on building the company’s transferable value before the sale.

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