Business Transfer Scenarios

Internal and External Transfer Scenarios

When its finally time to transition your business, you will need to decide whether to transfer the business to someone inside your organization (Internal Transfer) or to someone outside your business (External Transfer).

There are four primary Transfer Scenarios to choose from. There are pros and cons to each so your decision will be based on which Transfer Scenario best accomplishes your Universal Goals and Objectives (UGOs).


An emotionally fulfilling but financially risky Transfer Scenario. Proper planning will remove the challenges between the owner and family successors.

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Key Employee
Buy ins

An excellent way to transition the business, continue your legacy and reward those who helped build the business.

Buy Outs

A Transfer Scenario between two or more co-owners which results in a mutually beneficial transfer of ownership. 

Third Party Transactions

This Transfer Scenario is generally the fastest and most lucrative, however the most risky of all Scenarios. Proper planning will mitigate your risks.

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