Building Transferable Value

Building Transferrable Value

Once your business and people are prepared, it’s time to increase your company’s Transferable Value… the value of your business as perceived by your future successor. It consists of the intangible qualities that make your company uniquely competitive, profitable, self-sustainable and scalable. It’s created by implementing the following key “Value Drivers”.

Key Value Drivers include:


Internal Systems, Processes & Procedures (SPPs)

Documented Growth Strategies

Replicable & Scalable Revenue Model

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Vested Key Employees

Business Continuity Plan

Financial & Organizational Metrics

Positive Social & Cultural Environment

How We Build Transferable Value.

Our Transition Planning Process© builds Transferable Value by preparing your business and stakeholders for your future transition and by implementing the necessary Value Drivers. Our Process utilizes the expertise of various professionals to ensure that the required level of Transferable Value is obtained to achieve your Universal Goals and Objectives (UGOs).

Our Process utilizes a Four Phased Approach© to accomplish your UGOs. Each phase consists of various data driven assessments, strategies and solutions which are customized to meet the needs of your company, regardless of size, industry or economic environment. It builds the required level of Transferable Value for any type of internal or external transfer.


Why Build Transferable Value?

Regardless of when and how you plan to transition, it’s never too soon to prepare your business and all relevant stakeholders for your inevitable (and perhaps unexpected) transition. Having your business “transfer ready” with the necessary Value Drivers in place will allow your business to survive and thrive in the event something unexpectedly happens to you or your stakeholders …ensuring that you can still exit on YOUR terms!


Got Transferable Value?

Our “Transferability Assessment” will help you determine your company’s level of Transferable Value and what Value Drivers need to be implemented so you’re poised to sell or transition on YOUR terms.



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